Case Study: Sustainably Produced Packaging

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CHALLENGE: Our client, a manufacturer and seller of sustainably produced hair and body products, had a particular package problem to solve. They needed a box for the holiday retail season that would figuratively jump off the shelf without shifting—literally, at all—the product inside. The package would contain various hair and body products like shampoo or

Large Format Printing Primer

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Large format graphics are one of our specialties at Dolan Printing. From small businesses to the NCAA Final Four, we’ve been called on to create innovative products and deliver our clients’ ideas in larger-than-life forms. Since there are quite a few categories that fall under large format, we thought we’d take a minute to give

Direct Mail Printing Primer

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Direct mail is one of the most effective channels in a marketing team’s toolbox. Consider for a moment that the average person receives 16 pieces of mail per week versus more than 600 emails. Each piece of direct mail has a life span of approximately 17 days versus the 17 seconds for an email. With

Rise and Shine with These Health & Wellness Packaging Trends

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With many consumers stuck at home for the better part of the last year, health, wellness and self-care have been top-of-mind. Couple that with the statistic that 47% of the American population suffers from at least one chronic illness, and you can see why health and wellness products surged in 2020. It is estimated that

What is the Dolan Printing Difference?

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At Dolan Printing, we see things differently. Our vision is evident when you get to know our people, processes, how we approach creative possibilities and ultimately produce beautiful print. We pride ourselves on being Visibly Different, helping to set us apart from the rest. Our people are 100% customer-focused. Many of our team members have been

2021: A Print Odyssey

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Like many of you, Dolan Printing is excited to be looking ahead to the new year and new printing opportunities. When handed so many challenges, it is in our nature to grow and adapt. Businesses must operate a little differently moving forward – but that doesn’t mean success isn’t attainable. We compiled a list of

The Whole Package: Six ways to elevate your brand when choosing a box

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Good things come in small packages -- and big packages. Good things come in every kind of wrapping. But the key to brand elevation and a high return on your investment in packaging is creating an intriguing box that enhances, protects and promotes the great things inside.   Go big with your brand. A package should

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