Our client, a manufacturer and seller of sustainably produced hair and body products, had a particular package problem to solve.

They needed a box for the holiday retail season that would figuratively jump off the shelf without shifting—literally, at all—the product inside. The package would contain various hair and body products like shampoo or hand balm, each a different size, fitting snugly inside for shipping and retail.


Dolan Printing designed a beautiful and intelligent package with an integral insert that pops into place when the box is built, and fits products tightly. To marry function with flair, Dolan printed the box with a flood coat of light red and an overlayer of a custom brand color mixed ink specified by the customer. The package was finished with an elegant foil-and-embossed logo. The brand’s sustainable identity was further reinforced by creating a box manufactured using 100% post-consumer materials.

This project demonstrates the value of having Dolan Printing as a partner. The client came to us with a challenge, and we were able to design and produce the unique finished product to meet their needs and everyone loves them.              —John Wallenfelsz, President, Dolan Printing


• Dolan Printing did the design work and mockup
• Printed on our Komori Lithrone offset press
• Spot varnish, embossed with foil
• Paper stock was Neenah 18 pt. folding board made with 100% post-consumer waste
• 2 different box configurations and sizes


The result of our efforts will allow the client to be sure their products fit securely in the box without moving and to be safely sold and shipped for the holiday retail season. The beautiful package and print will help enhance the branding for these high-quality and sustainably produced hair and skincare products.