With many consumers stuck at home for the better part of the last year, health, wellness and self-care have been top-of-mind. Couple that with the statistic that 47% of the American population suffers from at least one chronic illness, and you can see why health and wellness products surged in 2020. It is estimated that $4.2 trillion is spent worldwide on wellness, with a 6.4% growth each year. As health and wellness products continue to grow, playing such a huge role in the economy and our everyday lives, it’s no surprise that it also influences packaging.

Stress-relieving design

These days, people are looking for a sense of calm, and the trend for packaging with a soothing, unfussy look is popular. Convey the idea of bringing the spa into your home using botanical illustrations and styles mixed with light, fresh color palettes. Leave heavy fonts off and instead try for a sensory experience through special effects like embossing or debossing.

Convey elegant luxury

The majority of the $4.2 trillion of wellness is spent in the beauty and anti-aging sectors of the market, reflecting products that garner higher price tags. These products are known for their luxurious appeal, which can be achieved by applying a metallic finishing or textured effect to packaging. Don’t worry a little goes a long way, so the cost is manageable for the high-impact effect that draws in customers.

Packaging that appeals to everyone

All people are interested in wellness regardless of gender, so it should be no surprise that gender-neutral packaging trends are popular. Drop overtly masculine or feminine cues in design, font style, or language and keep things simple and straightforward. Think minimalist styling with clean, natural lines and tone.

Sustainability sells

Wellness customers are often environmentally conscious as well, which is easy to achieve. There is a wide variety of packaging solutions available through sustainably sourced or recycled paper, vegetable or soy-based inks and unique filler materials. Be sure to include your commitment to sustainability on your packaging to alert consumers to your good works. They specifically seek out brands that are doing this and are, in fact, willing to pay more for it.

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