Direct mail is a highly effective way to grow your business. Using digital technologies to personalize your mailings with clean data and variable images will ensure a top response from customers and prospects. We offer a complete range of finishing services for your mailing, including laser cutting, folding, laminating, shrink wrapping and sorting, as well as high end finishes such as foil, embossing and debossing. We work with you to determine the most cost effective binding and finishes for the desired user experience, keeping in mind weight and delivery. Dolan can kit or stock your packaging, product and collateral for multiple runs, and bulk ship or send to your customer lists.

Dolan Printing offers a huge variety of large format applications including banner, board, metal, fabric, corrugated and vinyl to fit the span of environment needs, surfaces, shipping considerations and budgets. We work with you to engineer the best quality option for the desired lifespan of the installation. We install or you install — we make it a seamless handoff. Our unsurpassed dye sublimation technology positions your brand in a big way — across floors, windows and walls. Our lightweight yet eye-popping digitally printed fabric can easily be changed out to announce events, sales, new products and more.

Whether you are printing corporate collateral or specialty publications, our sheet-fed offset presses offer the height in precision images and color reproduction for unbeatable brand management. Special finishes and custom inks mean the sky’s the limit when it comes to showcasing striking designs, and large sheets make unique sizes a breeze. After printing, we offer a variety of finishing options such as foil, die cutting and embossing/debossing to make your message jump off the page. For publications and books, we offer perfect binding, stitching, folding and inserting. Highly efficient offset printing means cost and time savings for our customers, and it’s applicable to a huge range of projects.

When you need to get a personalized piece into the hands of each of your customers, you can rely on Dolan Printing to customize, print, address and ship one or one thousand with the ease of digital printing on demand. We can print on canvas, synthetic, lenticular, dark and metalized media with perfect registration. Unique ink options include embossed-style textures, images with raised print, digital watermarks, and HP’s proprietary white ink. Even with all the conveniences of digital printing, there is no trade off of quality and color reproduction. G7 certification means your brand and colors will be true through marketing, packaging, mail and point-of-sale displays.

Our premium paperboard packaging offers flexibility in grade and is widely applicable across industries. We work by your side to custom engineer and produce the perfect container for your specific product and audience. We elevate your brand on every single package with premium offset or precise digital printing, and we can embellish with foil, die cut windows, soft-touch, varnishes and more. Dolan is equipped with space and staff to kit or stock your packaging, product and collateral for multiple runs, and to bulk ship or send to your customer lists.

We offer complete bindery and finishing services, including collating, cutting, folding, laminating, perforating and shrink wrapping. We work with you to determine the binding that adds the most value and ease-of-use for your book, manual, or direct mail. We offer a complete range, from stapling to spiral to saddle stitch. Perfect binding is a great choice for larger projects and a long lasting, durable outcome.

We have invested in new technology to individualize short runs with high end finishes such as foil, embossing and debossing and laser cutting. At Dolan Printing, we finish every job on a high note.

At Dolan Printing, we believe forests are forever, and we are proud members of the Forest Stewardship Council(R). FSC certification means we take specific steps to confirm that the forests our paper comes from are being managed to preserve biological diversity and benefit the lives of local people and workers, while ensuring it sustains economic viability.

We are also a member of the Printing Industry Midwest Great Printer Environmental Initiative, which means we go beyond what is required by government agencies in environmental, health and safety compliance. We are committed to minimizing and recycling waste, maximizing energy efficiency, and creating a healthier, safer work environment.

In addition, we are G7 Master Printers, certified in quality control techniques and industry standards that reduce waste and inefficiencies while achieving consistency and excellence throughout every project.

We offer a range of recycled papers and low impact inks. Our latest investment in paperboard packaging offers further sustainable options for our customers to showcase their brand and their commitment to the environment at the same time.