Imagine the moment your customers see your bright idea or brilliant product for the very first time — still inside its box. Will their eyes light up? Will they lean toward it? Will they eagerly pick it up and examine all the surfaces? Will they run their hands over it?

Because that’s exactly what you want. 

Your package is your very first impression, the face of your company, your calling card. It’s also what will be left behind after the product is used, eaten, read or worn. The best package is a gift in itself, and every single one, no matter the budget or size, can make a lasting impression on your audience. 

With packaging details and choices, the sky’s the limit. Make your choices wisely, starting with a trusted printer partner like Dolan Printing to walk you through this crucial process.

Visualize the package’s journey to your customer. Will your product be displayed on a shelf in a boutique or a grocery store? Will it have much competition on the shelf, or will it be showcased? Will it need to be shipped? Visualizing your package’s journey helps you discover what type of box will keep your product safe and well-displayed, and ensure that it stands apart from similar products.

Carefully consider and test your design. Packaging design is a skillset you trust to the experts. Specialized software helps to create the perfect size and weight box for your product. Which type of box offers the best package for your product, given your needs and requirements? Does the design leave space for codes and labels? Creating a mock-up allows you to see the finished product and make changes in real-time. Packages are a three-dimensional message to your customer. Using every space on the box to its highest potential is critical to success. Check out this packaging cheat sheet from Paper Specs.

Convey your brand immediately. Take this opportunity to convey who you are as a company precisely. Luxurious? Organic? Fun? Reliable? Minimalist? Socially-aware? You can add high-end print finishes to make your logo and message pop off the box, and cut-outs to create a window into your product’s world. Paperboard boxes can be printed to ensure brand consistency, accurate colors and sharp lines. Make sure your brand is noticed and recognizable at first glance. Peruse packaging trends before you start the design process.

Paperboard is a smart solution to packaging performance. Premium paperboard packaging is made from a sustainably managed renewable and recyclable resource, keeping plastic out of the landfill. Paperboard applies to a wide range of uses. It is the smart choice for a variety of market segments, including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, snacks and dry goods, clothing and shoes, and displays. Be sure to check the FDA and other food compliance requirements when dealing with food products. Take this deep dive into the benefits of paperboard packaging.

Take your packaging out of the box. Unboxing videos have become wildly popular on today’s second-biggest search engine, YouTube. When consumers are looking for brand authenticity and real value for each dollar spent, the popularity of unboxing videos validates how important the user experience is. Whether your package ever rises to stardom on YouTube, you need to think through how your product is revealed to your customer for the first time. Ask yourself these crucial questions: 

  • Is the package strong enough to hold up in the mail or on the shelf? Will it be dented and misshapen when it reaches the customer, or have you done everything you can to ensure it arrives at its destination in perfect condition? 
  • Is the box secure but also easy to open? Will your customer struggle with adhesive or tape? 
  • Is the package right-sized for the product? There should be a nesting quality to the experience. 
  • Are all of the materials inside recyclable?
  • Have you added something inside the box that they weren’t expecting? What is printed on the inside of the box? Value-added messaging and images on the inside of the package underscore the efforts you make to create a unique user experience. 

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All of these considerations add up to a mic-drop first impression. We understand that the road to success may seem daunting and detail-oriented. But that’s where we come in. Dolan Printing will shepherd your package from the first exciting idea all the way to the big reveal.

Contact us today to take your packaging out of the box.