Like many of you, Dolan Printing is excited to be looking ahead to the new year and new printing opportunities. When handed so many challenges, it is in our nature to grow and adapt. Businesses must operate a little differently moving forward – but that doesn’t mean success isn’t attainable. We compiled a list of trends that we think will significantly impact marketing and printing in 2021 and beyond.

Just say no to screens

Digital fatigue is a reality that we must face. Three out of four people in a recent survey reported experiencing “digital overload” from working and learning at home. Workers are turning to paper to help ease eye and mental strain. Businesses can seize this opportunity to provide branded notebooks, scratchpads, calendars and other gifts to employees and clients to combat digital overload.

Find your audience 

Customers are more attainable than ever. They are home, cooped up and waiting for the sound of the mail to arrive. Studies show that customers find mail more appealing than digital advertising for its tangibility and accessibility, prompting them to try new products or act on special offers. If you want to stand out in the crowd, consider going BIG with an attention-grabbing oversized mailer or adding special effects for the wow-factor.

Direct mail + digital marketing = Success

Gone are the days of generic postcards to every mailbox in the zip code. Direct mail capabilities grow more sophisticated every year. Six of 10 catalog recipients visit the website of the company that mailed them the catalog. Take it one step further with data mining and personalization allows you to develop custom content for each piece, driving customers with special offers to personalized landing pages.

Sign of the times 

The COVID-19 pandemic brought with it a whole new set of guidelines on how we must live, work and play. To keep the world a safer and healthier place, we now rely on wayfinding signage, floor decals, window clings, Plexiglas dividers, single-use menus, or scannable boards that are easily wiped down between customers. Many of these items were first instituted as temporary fixes but must now be adapted as long-term solutions. Look for durable materials that will last.

Show your love

Valued customers want to hear from you. Traditional sales calls might not be in the cards right now, but there are many creative and innovative ways to get your products seen and, even better, sold. Catalogs, product kits, and sample guides tied into virtual showrooms and landing pages allow customers to feel engaged.

There are plenty of unknowns that lie ahead, but that doesn’t mean that you have to travel that road alone. Finding a strong partner that goes above and beyond just providing a service is essential. Let the experts at Dolan Printing help you with your printing, signage and packaging needs as we head into the new year. We would love to show you how we’re VISIBLY DIFFERENT from the rest.