Good things come in small packages — and big packages. Good things come in every kind of wrapping. But the key to brand elevation and a high return on your investment in packaging is creating an intriguing box that enhances, protects and promotes the great things inside.


  1. Go big with your brand. A package should represent your brand at first glance. Are the colors true? Is your logo well placed? Are your images clear and striking? If your brand is sophisticated, its packaging should follow suit. If your brand has an organic look and feel, communicate that on the outside of the box. Our paperboard boxes are created in a top-quality sheetfed offset press that ensures brand consistency, accurate colors and sharp lines. We make sure your brand is noticed and recognizable at first glance.
  2. Secure your stuff. You need to make sure your important items arrive in the shape they left the printer. If your items are fragile or heavy, choose a strong mailer box. If they are lightweight or being hand-delivered, you have more flexibility in your package design. Dolan Printing can also add appropriate fillers, carefully store and ship your packages. We’ll guarantee your boxes arrive safely at their intended destinations.
  3. Consider creating a keepsake. Make an investment in a box that can be reused, shared or displayed. Small, well-made boxes can be used around the house to collect, organize and cherish important items. Packaging your product in an attractive, durable box makes a gift out of the packaging itself and keeps your brand in front of your customer for a long time. A heavyweight two-piece gift box is an elegant choice.
  4. Wear your values on your sleeve. An authentic brand communicates a company’s values and spirit. Our premium paperboard packaging is made from a sustainably managed, renewable resource – trees that keep plastic bags and wrap out of the landfill. With something as simple as an easy-to-recycle paper box, you can let customers know you care about them and the planet.
  5. Be sure your box can open with ease. Nothing is more disappointing than realizing your perfectly branded package rips into pieces in the hands of your customer. And your customers shouldn’t be left struggling to open a gift or promotion. You do not want your box to be seen as an obstacle. Our quality paperboard boxes are engineered for structural integrity and ease of use.
  6. Elevate the unboxing. Go a step further than easy-to-open – create a distinctive user experience. Unboxing (or opening a box and unwrapping and displaying its contents) is a popular activity on social media. To encourage public unboxing of your product, be sure the package is intriguing, delighting to the eye and well-branded at every step of the opening process. Dolan Printing offers sophisticated elements like embossing, foil stamping and window patches to add interest and captivate users. Consider a secret message printed inside the box.


Dolan Printing takes packaging projects from your bright idea to your client’s doorstep. Our premium paperboard packaging offers flexibility in grade and is widely applicable across industries. We work by your side to custom engineer and produce the perfect container for your specific product and audience. And no packaging project would be complete without delivery. Dolan can kit or stock your packaging, product and collateral for multiple runs, and bulk ship or send to your customer lists.

While other printers box you in, Dolan Printing gives you the whole package.