About Us

I am pleased to introduce you to Dolan Printing & Visual Products and offer my appreciation to our clients, associates and friends for your continued patronage and support since 1985.

I am a Minnesota native and often asked what makes me love my home state when there are so many places to live that are much warmer and seemingly more attractive.  My response is always the same.  I love the change of seasons and all it brings to my life, my family and my business. The change of seasons spurs the need to adapt to all sorts of living and playing conditions on a regular basis and balance it all in the great scheme of things. There is a beginning and end to each season and each is unique, keeping you on your toes and your finger on the pulse because you never really know what’s coming or when it will change. On the business side, the same rules apply to client engagement, management and a team approach for success on every project.

Change is a constant that opens the door to huge opportunity and growth.  The word CHANGE encompasses the print and graphics industry from end to end. For an industry that changed very little for centuries, it’s certainly keeping pace today.  Digital innovation and technological advancement have completely restructured the global landscape of what you see today in print.  We have embraced the change and forged into the newest age of print with powerful engines to introduce, innovate and adapt to that project you may be dreaming about right now.

Change is challenging and exciting for those who want to push the limits of what is possible. We welcome creative collaboration with our clients to achieve and create beautiful experiences with print and visual products.


Jeanne Dolan
President & Owner