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Waste Paper Becoming Your Worst Nightmare? Go Green and Lose the Guilt!

Today I did something horrible. Cruising through the net on my daily excursion for educational resources, I stumbled upon a useful nugget of information and auto-blindly hit the Ctrl + P shortcut. Twenty six printed pages later, I realized that the information that I actually needed to retain in printed form was covered solely on the first page or so. And this got me thinking. How often do we all thoughtlessly or accidentally print useless information only to toss it into the recycling (or worse, trash bin)?

A recent article Tweeted by Komori America begs the question, “How much of the Amazon rainforest would it take to print the internet? In the article (read the full version here) outlines an interesting study conducted by students from the University of Leicester in which they attempt to calculate how much paper would be required to physically print the internet. Despite their shockingly low findings (less than 2% of the entire Amazon rainforest), the sheer quantity in terms of reams of paper needed to print the entire internet leaves the reader with an overwhelming sense of wastefulness.

Because paper is the number one resource used throughout the printing industry, the importance of recyclable substrates in print production is becoming stronger than ever. As more and more customers demand work to be sustainable and recyclable, environmental considerations have become key factors for print service providers to keep in mind before, during, and after production.

In the most basic terms, the process of waste paper recycling involves the use of water and chemicals to break down used or discarded paper. After this mixture is diced up and heated – further breaking it down into strands of organic material –the paper pulp is strained through screens to remove any glue or plasticizers and then is cleaned, de-inked, bleached, and mixed with more water. From here the mixture can be made into newly recycled paper.

Here at Dolan we understand the importance of environmental sustainability, which is why we have committed to being environmentally sensitive. We take extra care and have implemented several procedures to mitigate our impact on the environment. We recognize the value that forests play on a global, as well as local scale, which is why we have decided to increase our efforts to keep our consumers connected with the environment. By educating our customers about our Green initiatives, we are enabling our environmental vision to be carried through the entire lifecycle of the products we print.

Dolan is committed to achieving the highest standard in environmental certification. Our participation in the Forest Stewardship Council, Rainforest Alliance, and Minnesota Great Printer Environmental Initiative provides our customers with the resources and information required to support the green lifestyle.

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