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How to Identify Your Target Market.

There are many factors that play into defining and identifying a niche target market that you want to sell your products to. With the printing industry constantly changing, there are many different target audiences that come up on a daily basis that contributes to how the industry is evolving. The questions to ask before determining your target market are crucial in your business’s success. Here are the top ways to identify your target audience.

Who wants my product?

First and foremost, it’s essential to know who wants, and would be willing to pay for your product. Conducting market research by the use of surveys, interviews and small focus groups can substantially increase your knowledge about the customers buying habits. This way, you will be able to get feedback and talk directly to the customers who you want to reach.

Create A Customer Profile

Demographics are key in this stage of identifying your target market. Demographics are the statistical data collected of a population that include age, sex, education level, gender, religion, income, marital status, occupation and location. While creating a customer profile, all of these factors come into play. The people who share the same interest and lifestyles characteristics are the people who are going to want to purchase the product you are offering.

How To Talk To Your Customers

After determining the demographics of your target audience, you will learn about who wants to buy your product. Psychographics will tell you why they want to buy your product. Their personalities, interest, attitudes, lifestyles and behavior play a huge factor in why and how they are able to purchase your product or service.

Use different Vehicles

Choosing different vehicles that you use to get your messaging out there is critical. In today’s world, there are multiple different channels that people need to be reached on. Whether it is social media, direct mail, blogging or podcasts, you need to determine what your target audience likes and uses most. Connecting with your target audience on different channels can make or break your business.

The most important part about defining your target audience is to remember that you are not limiting your business. Having the attitude that defining a target market will reduce customers is not the way this process should happen. Identifying these audiences will not limit you, but it will give the opportunity to market and advertise to the people who will most likely buying your product.

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